Board, Committee meetings overview

Board Meetings:

Last weekend, the NOCA Board and staff met for their annual in person meeting.  Due to financial constraints, the rest of the board and committee meetings during the year are held via teleconference.   The weekend consists of committee meetings, strategic planning, budget presentation and approval, and a board meeting.  The committees that met were the competitions committee, development committee, and bylaws and policies committee. 

 The Competitions Committee reviews events, entries, officiating, and other items related to competitions from both the current season and the last few seasons to identify any trends or concerns, and to make recommendations to address these items.  Changes to the competitions formats are attached.  The competition schedule for next season will be posted on the website today.

 The Development Committee reviews the programs and services currently offered, and create a development plan for the next season.  One of the key items that came out of this meeting was the creation of a committee to create guidelines and a “toolbox of ideas” for any club wanting to host a Youth Challenge.  The development interns (positions created in a Trillium Foundation grant) provided a presentation outlining the work they have done this year in particular as it related to the development of curling for Aboriginal youth and adults.  The interns are currently creating a member services manual that will be available to all clubs in the fall. 

Curling Week in Northern Ontario was also discussed and it will be held November 16 – 24, 2013.

 The Bylaws and Policies Committee continues to work on updating our policies to comply with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.  As well, the implementation plan for the restructuring of the NOCA Board which will take place next April was reviewed. 

 The Board and staff also spent a half day reviewing the 2011-2016 Strategic Plan.  The result of the review as that action items will be identified with measurable outcomes defined that the Board can review for progress on a monthly basis.

 The Budget for 2013-14 was presented, discussed, and accepted by the Board.  The budget presented for this fiscal year is a balanced budget (no deficit or profit). The year end financials and budget notes will be presented during the Annual General Meeting.

 One of the exciting ideas that will be developed during the next few months will be the creation of a 16 month NOCA Calendar.  This calendar will be available for clubs to sell as a fundraiser.  More details will follow as work on the calendar progresses.


Region meetings:

Each club has a NOCA club delegate who is responsible for acting as the liaison between NOCA and their club.  Each region has 2 meetings a year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  These meetings are scheduled for the next couple of weeks.  Your regional directors will be reviewing last year and discussing next year so if you have any questions, please contact your regional director.


Annual General Meeting:

This year the AGM will be held via teleconference.  Anyone is welcome to participate but you will be asked to pre-register so that you can be issued the dial in numbers.  The only voting delegates at the AGM are the NOCA Board members, but participating and discussion by anyone is encouraged.  Watch the website for more information.  All club delegates will receive the information via email.

 The date and time for the Annual General Meeting is Monday June 24th at 7:30 pm ET.