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Curling Associations:

Curling Canada
Ontario Curling Association
World Curling Federation
Curl BC
Alberta Curling Federation
Curl Sask
Curl Manitoba
Ontario Curling Council
Curling Qu├ębec
New Brunswick Curling Assocation
Nova Scotia Curling Association
Curl PEI
Newfoundland and Labrador Curling Association
Northwest Territories Curling Association
Yukon Curling Association

Curling Links:

World Curling Tour
Molson Men’s Major League of Curling (Thunder Bay)
Curling Zone
Wheelchair Curling
In the Rings

Curling Tips

Interactive Curling Demonstration from the CCA
National Training Centre
Stick Curling
2 person curling

Curling Media

The Curling News
The Curling Show

Curling Camps

Hot Shots Fantasy Curling Camp
Team Glenn Howard Fantasy Curling Camp