2019-20 Competitions Schedule

How to Register for an Event

Entry Fee:
$532.  (Entry fee $316. incl.HST plus $54/player Curling Canada Competitor Fee)

*** Teams must register for one or both qualifiers by Dec. 6th.

*** Teams not advancing from the West Qualifier must register for the East Qualifier by Dec. 27th. Teams who have entered both Qualifiers and earn a spot to provincials from the West Qualifier will receive a refund for their second entry fee. The second deadline is ONLY for teams who did not earn a provincial berth out of the East Qualifier. No completely new teams will be permitted to enter.

Men WEST Qualifier

Entry Deadline: Dec.6, 2019
Event Location: Fort Frances
Event Date: Dec.20-22, 2019
Draw and Roster


Men EAST Qualifier
Entry Deadline: Dec.6,2019 / Dec.27,2019 *NOON *
Event Location: McIntyre (Timmins)
Event Date: Jan.9 -12, 2020


Men's East Qualifier - for teams who played in the West Qualifier but didn't earn a provincial berth



Men's Provincials
Event Date: Jan.28 - Feb.2, 2020
New Liskeard


Men's Qualifiers 2019-20    updated Dec. 4th

Men's Provincial 2019-20

Rules Supplement (Common for All Competitions)

Region / Qualifier