Daily Olympic Blogs

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Members of Team Jacobs and Team Jones will be posting daily blogs on the CCA website.  They will be posted in this article as well, and updated daily.

E.J. Harnden Feb. 19th
Dawn McEwen Feb. 19th
Ryan Fry Feb. 18th
Jill Officer Feb. 17th
Ryan Harnden Feb. 16th
Elaine Dagg-Jackson Feb. 16th
E.J. Harnden Feb. 16th
Paul Webster Feb. 15th
Rick Lang Feb. 15th
Janet Arnott Feb. 15th
Tom Coulterman Feb. 14th
Kaitlyn Lawes Feb. 13th
Caleb Flaxey Feb. 13th
Dawn McEwen Feb. 13th
Ryan Harnden Feb. 12th
Brad Jacobs Feb. 11th

Jennifer Jones Feb. 11th
E.J. Harnden Feb. 10th
Jill Officer Feb. 10th
Ryan Fry Feb. 10th