Week 3 Trivia Contest Winners

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NOCA 2013 Trivia Contest Answers and Winners

**The names of everyone who answered correctly were entered into a hat draw to select a winner for each question

Week #3:

Question #1:    Tom Coulterman served as the team Leader for the Junior Men’s Teams going to the World Championships from 1991-2004
Winner:           Marjorie Smith

Question #2:    In 1759, during the Seven Year War the 78th Fraser Highlanders wanting a diversion during the harsh winter asked for permission to melt down cannon balls to make curling irons.
Winner:           Alison Guilbeau

Week #2:

Question #1:    Rick Lang is the only northern Ontario curler to win the Colin Campbell Memorial Award (in 1982) as the player best combining playing ability and sportsmanship
Winner:           Nicholas Bisonette

Question #2:    The Stirling stone is generally agreed to be the oldest curling stone, it has a year chiseled on it.   1511 is chiseled on the Stirling stone.
Winner:           Kathy Ingram

 Week #1:

Question #1:    Northern Ontario finished 9th  in the 2012-13 Dominion Member Association Cup Standings with 56 points.
Winner:           Nicole Hartlin

Question #2:    Northern Ontario has won the Brier 5 times
Winner:           Connor Hinz