In partnership with CurlON (the Ontario Curling Association) we are offering our clubs the opportunity to utilize a new program, TryCurlingNow.  Clubs will be registered on the TryCurlingNow website and invitations to attend Try Curling session will be issued via FaceBook.  Once people have attended that session, they will be encouraged to join and Adult Learn to Curl league at your club.

TryCurlingNow was utilized by a NOCA club  last year as a pilot and the results were:

First open house - 35 participants, 10 joined the Adult Learn to Curl program

Second open house - 60+ participants, 20 joined the Adult Learn to Curl program

Your club doesn't need to be a large club in an urban area for this program to be successful.  You may only get a few people attending and then it's up to your club to figure out how to teach them to curl in a progressive manner and become members.

The first step to getting this program off the ground for your club is to complete the Club Participation form.

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