Travelers and Wheelchair Provincial Champions

Congratulations to the Janice Vettoretti rink (Vettoretti, Meri Bolander, Jessie Orman, Trina Tallon) from the Sudbury CC, and the Dave Barker rink (Barker, Brian Aaltonen, Ron Melhuish, Kurt Pristanski) from the Geraldton CC.  These teams prevailed over 5 other regional teams to win the provincial title.  Both teams will now represent Northern Ontario at the…

Canadian Masters

The Canadian Masters Championships is taking place this week at the Coaldale CC in Coaldale, AB. The teams representing Northern Ontario are the Marion Clark (Clark, Barbara Ward, Tannis Ferguson, Bev Junnila) and Gordon Williams (Williams, Ed Pedersen, Ernie Surkan, Ed Koivula), both from the Port Arthur CC.  Good luck to both teams. Event site